Luis Enrique Martinelli

Luis Enrique Martinelli improves the management of Super 99

Luis Enrique Martinelli improves the management of Super 99 with SAP Business One solution

Managing a company is never an easy job since there are many aspects in which a CEO must help and assist. Fortunately, there are a few ones that can easily be handled by special software. Luis Enrique Martinelli, CEO of Super 99, has thought about it and now this large supermarket chain succeeds all its activities by using a new comprehensive platform.

The SAP Business One solution is an application that offers a different and affordable way to manage an entire company: Sales, finances and customers relationship which are very important. The SAP platform has been specially designed for small businesses and it is ideal for optimizing processes, organizing information, managing sales, finance and general yet essential processes within a company.

Advantages of the SAP platform implemented by Luis Enrique Martinelli in Super 99

With this solution software, it is possible to optimize companies and accelerate their profitable growth, the main interest of Luis Enrique Martinelli as a CEO. When he assumed his role in 2009, he committed to make all kind of changes including many innovative solutions to improve the management and performance of Super 99.

The main advantage of the SAP Business One solution used by Luis Enrique Martinelli is that it combines a wide range of utilities to manage a great number of main elements of the company in order to improve the effectiveness of the end result of all company processes.

The SAP application is responsible for centralizing and integrating all business input data, combining sales, purchasing, inventory, operations and finance into a leading system. This eliminates wrong or redundant data entry and saves costs which help the business become more profitable.


Luis Enrique Martinelli: Message to the public and the media

Luis Enrique Martinelli, Ricardo Martinelli, Martinelli Rica

Luis Enrique Martinelli, Ricardo Martinelli, Ricardo Martinelli Linares

1. We reject the beginning of the media campaigns that seek based on publications, without foundation, involving us with a supposed bribe of 6 million dollars.

2. We reserve the right to bring to the legal actions against those responsible for these media campaigns.

3. We fully support the investigations that have been announced on the alleged facts and we hope that, on this occasion, the authorities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office will act on the basis of the search for the truth, away from any motivation that is unrelated to this purpose.

4. All actions that we execute in the exercise of our rights, will be made through our lawyers in the respective legal instances, and not in the media. We respect and defend freedom of expression but we cannot allow our honor to be tarnished by special interests.

Ricardo Martinelli Linares                                                                     Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares  


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